Sunday, February 19, 2012

When The Take Down Comes

Paul Babeu has been one of my favorite spokesmen for what is going on in the wars along our border with Mexico. His no nonsense explanations of the various issues that effect this country with illegal immigration have been refreshing to say the least, and if I like what he says that can mean only one thing, the news media and those on the left do not. With that said, he had an obligation to himself to make sure that anything he did in his life that was questionable and could be aired as dirty laundry was aired by him first.
I'm serious when I say these things because if you are any more right of center than the left will allow then you are going to be taken apart for the silliest of things, and being gay, or having led a life of secrecy while you were in the military etc. aren't them. Being gay is perfectly fine to most conservatives. What Paul faces now isn't being gay, what he faces now is the cover up of being gay, and all the innuendo that follows it. Had we known he was gay {even if it came out the day after he won the Sheriff's car} would have made it old news, and nothing to even be talked about right now, but what is being talked about right now is the cover up.
With that simple cover up {that when you get right down to it everyone understands} comes all of the "other" cover-ups which now have the added bonus of this cover-up to give it more credibility in the eyes of those that simply want to attack the man. My prayers are with Paul Babeu today that he can weather the incoming media storm because I believe he is a good person and deserves a more respect than what he is facing in the near future from both sides of the isle.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Men and Women in Black

If you ever find yourself wondering what is wrong with this country today then here is a pretty good example. Left Wing Engineering of the United States Judicial System has managed to place enough judges in key positions that either hate America as it was founded or don't respect America as it was founded to always make the average citizen live in fear of unconstitutionality being reined down upon us. I will let Ruth Bader Ginsberg speak for herself on this, as she speaks of how well the Egyptian election and constitutional process is going. In the end when you get to a point that more judges use the law to social engineer than simply read and interpret it, then it really doesn't matter what your constitution says does it?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Illegal NLRB Has It's Second Strike on Liberty

We are now to believe that an unelected and perceived by most to be completely illegal board is allowed to force employers to hand out phone numbers and e-mail addresses to union bosses? Does anyone think that this can go well knowing that the usual goons from the SEIU or other unions can have good intentions when they contact you to try and "convince you to join a union? I mean I have a hard time staying out of a felony when these creeps harass people outside of polling places and now I am to believe that they won't use pertinent contact information to harass me at home?
The President of the United States does NOT do anything that would allow me to believe that he is trying to create jobs and more over moves like this obviously prove that he is trying to stifle America's ability to be competitive on the world stage. With the perception that a company could be forced to give a union the tools to harass employees at will, on top of all the other over regulations that happen to companies will only send more jobs to China, like Apple has done with most of it's jobs. In my estimation this is a two fold issue at hand where it not only leaves America without employment but creates a world dominated by "bee hive" slave camps like what happens in China with all of the jobs that get sent there. Perhaps that is truly what these progressives want for us here too and this is just the means to an end.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Pot Calling the Kettle Racist

This dead dog won't hunt. Of course when it comes to the whole issue of what Ron Paul's newsletters had said, the average Ron Paul supporter has no problem just accepting that someone else did it and Dr. Paul can maintain a profit stream and ignorance to it all at the same time. That is the type of ignorance of the real world that the Ron Paul detractors have with him, and it is just an amazingly glaring example of it. Well that's fine I don't take them very seriously because they don't listen to anyone else's opinion, but I refuse to allow Ron Paul to simply call the American system inherently racist, as he does now. The whole "I know you are but what am I" method of argument got old somewhere around 5th grade and I shouldn't have to endure it from the Messiah of Libertarianism.
You can't make broad generalizations about how there are as many blacks and whites that commit crime and then switch it over to a percentage argument when you talk about how many of them end up in prison. Simple math eliminates such foolish debates as the black population of America makes up somewhere between 15% and 20% of the population so accepting the criminal base as equal amounts then changes the percentages quite a bit. Paul and his people then switch the argument around to how white America forces black America into these scenarios. It's not a very Libertarian argument to start committing racial politics, but the Progressives have always had a high level of contempt for minorities in their words and a high level of understanding in their rhetoric. Woodrow Wilson would be very proud of the propaganda that comes from this man's mouth.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The 99 Again Acting Like Piles of Number 2

I've talked about this enough already, but this is the new world in which we live in. The uncivilized will hold the civilized hostage from here on out. Worse than that we have no recourse in it as well. You can thank President Obama and the rest of the Left Wing Lunatics that have encouraged the army of the thoughtless to be heard when we all know that you have the right to speak and not the right to be heard. Of course if anyone was to take a stand against the people who will simply abolish everyone else's right to speak or be heard, it will be met with the resistance of a complacent media that will explain it all away and make those that are fed up with all this lunacy look like criminals.
In all reality this is how Adolf Hitler did it, and I am not a famous musician and I am actually making the comparison. Should Obama and his crowd decide to take this to the next level in the complete socialist game then he and the government will go out and kill all of the Occupiers {Brown Shirts} and people will be so happy to be rid of them that it will be accepted despite the complete and utter lawlessness of it. Add it all together and what do you have? Bottom up, Top down oppression with all of the normal people in the middle, with the only conclusion being that nobody should try to understand these people. You should tell them straight out to shut up and make something out of themselves, instead of crying and complaining about what you insanely think is fair. Most of all don't just avoid these scumbags and hope they go away.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Score One for Perry

It's about time one of the candidates come right out and call the media's bluff. One thing you learn in the real world is that when someone quotes an anonymous source often it is because they don't have the balls to state that it is their own opinion. Not a big Perry fan but he gets my Kudos today. Now if more people in the GOP field in particular would just refuse to answer questions without credible sources I think we would be getting somewhere.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Little Indoctrination for the Holidays

All I have to say is "The great thing about idiots is they want others to sink to their level" and what you are seeing here is the Obama administration wanting the poorly educated to go home and take their indoctrination with them. The best thing to do is laugh at people that want to trumpet such a bad president and his bad ideas, because they seriously think that they are laughing at you. People like that really hate it when they are thought of as ludicrous and that is what they are. The indoctrination stops here should be your new slogan, because I know it's mine.